Bioinformatics Scientist, Cancer Immunology

Recently, exciting developments at Genentech and elsewhere have raised the possibility of leveraging the human immune system for effective and durable control of cancer. Genentech seeks a talented and highly motivated bioinformatic scientist to pursue research projects in collaboration with our Cancer Immunology Department, and to contribute to the identification and development of the next generation of immune-based cancer therapies.

The primary focus will be on generation and interpretation of high-throughput genomic and other molecular data that increase our understanding of, for example:

  • The degree and nature of immune infiltration in the tumor microenvironment;
  • Mechanisms by which tumors avoid immune surveillance;
  • The impact of mutation or gene expression dysregulation on tumor neo-antigen presentation; and
  • Local or circulating biomarkers which predict response to immunomodulatory drugs or therapies.
Emphasis is on basic research, but with a direct connection to the clinic and to Genentech’s drug and biomarker development initiatives.

A successful candidate will work with interdisciplinary teams, carry out data analysis and integration across various domains, and apply best-in-class algorithms — or develop new algorithms — that directly address the motivating biological and clinical questions. Regular publication of both scientific and methodological results is strongly encouraged. Finally, the successful candidate will be able to effectively present complex results in a clear and concise manner that is accessible to a diverse audience of quantitative, experimental, and clinical scientists.

There is potential for a management/supervisory role for candidates who are more advanced in their careers.

Open Date: February 16, 2016
Close Date:
Location: South San Francisco, CA, USA
Contact: Read more HERE
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