Postdoctoral position in tumor immunology at Moffitt Cancer Center

The first project aims to dissect the role of antibodies produced in tertiary lymphoid structures in human tumors, and involves the cloning and characterization of the B cell repertoire using an established bank of viable cryopreserved ovarian and breast human dissociated tumor samples.
The second project involves the elucidation of epigenetic mechanisms responsible for the abrogation of protective anti-tumor immunity, unique transgenic models and resources already available in the lab.

The successful candidate is expected to be a highly motivated individual with a PhD in Immunology or substantial immunological work during graduate studies and less than a year after graduation. Significant experience in flow cytometry and in vivo approaches in transgenic mice is expected.

For recent representative publications from the lab, please check: Immunity 41:427-39; Cancer Cell 27: 27-40; Cell Reports 14: 1774-86; and Cancer Discovery pii: CD-16-0502.


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Location: Moffitt Cancer Center
Compensation: NIH scale
Contact: Interested individuals should contact Dr. Conejo-Garcia directly by sending CV with list of publications and contact information for three references to
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