Benefits of Membership

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Benefit Summary:

  • New insights into the leukocyte biology critical for innate and acquired immunity and inflammation
  • Networking platform
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Opportunities to design symposia and workshops for the annual meeting
  • Job opportunities especially for junior scientists and new post docs
  • Reduced page charges for manuscripts published in The Journal of Leukocyte Biology (full members only)
  • Discounted registration to SLB annual meetings
  • Eligibility for awards
  • Annual subscription to the iSLB newsletter
  • Access to advertising on website and/or newsletter
  • Voting privileges in annual society elections
  • Opportunities for leadership positions in a small but dynamic society 
  • NEW! Student and Pot Doc memberships are good for 3 years for the same old 1 year price!

Values and Opportunities of SLB Membership

Why should you become an SLB member?

The Society for Leukocyte Biology (SLB) is a collegial and dynamic scientific community focused on the ever expanding research into particular aspects of leukocyte, neutrophil and macrophage biology, with close attention to “cutting edge” topics, such as pattern recognition receptors, mucosal immunity, and host-pathogen interactions. What is special about the SLB and why to become a member?
  • Affordability: SLB membership is very affordable. Members get reduced rates for attending SLB conferences and discounted subscription and reduced page charges for the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, one of the leading peer-reviewed immunology journals.
  • Annual Meeting: SLB conferences offer a focused atmosphere with “community flavor.” In just three and a half days, you can be sure to meet people who share your interests. And, with only a few concurrent sessions, it is easy to attend the talks you are most interested in. Members are invited to develop symposium proposals for the Annual Meeting and there are many opportunities to volunteer and have a significant impact on the meeting content and events. Members are also invited to design satellite symposia and workshops focused on a specific topic of interest. The Annual Meeting is a great, and economical, opportunity not only to reinforce your expertise, but also to expand your horizons, given the attendance by many interdisciplinary scientists. You will learn the newest results from recognized leaders in the field, exchange ideas and discuss your results with colleagues, maintain ongoing and establish new collaborations, and build rewarding relationships.
  • Resources: You will stay updated by receiving the iSLB electronic newsletter; have the opportunity to advertise on the SLB website and/or the newsletter; and have voting privileges in annual society elections. The Society also sponsors local journal clubs through its “Pizza and Pubs” program. The SLB also keeps you updated about upcoming meetings organized by other societies, and its database of career opportunities is at your fingertips to explore.
  • Focus on Junior Scientists: Students and postdocs can become SLB members for just $20 / $25 for 3 years and travel awards are readily available for postdocs and graduate students for the annual meeting. A significant number of talks are selected from abstracts submitted by junior scientists. Each year, three pre- and post-doctoral fellows are recognized as nominees for the Presidential Award, which includes prize money to the top two speakers in each category. 
  • Professional Development: The SLB hosts many events at the annual meeting with a focus on professional development, trainee growth and support for women and minorities in sceince. The society has held "Street Smarts of Science" and "Grant Writing" session and Townhall meetings with panel discussions on work/life balance. The Annual Meeting offers members of all ranks a wonderful opportunity to get experience presenting their research, exchange ideas, explore career opportunities, develop professional skills, and build collegial relationships.

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