Special Events

Below are planned special sessions featured in 2017. Dates and times are tentative. Check back for updates in early 2017.

Wednesday, October 4

1:00 - 6:00pm
Aging, Inflammation and Fibrosis Satellite Symposium
Sponsored by MedImmune and National Institutes on Aging (NIA)
Organizers: Jane Conner, MedImmune, Lynne Murray, MedImmune, Elizabeth J. Kovacs, University of Colorado Denver, and Rebecca Fuldner, NIA
  • Inflammation in tissue regeneration and fibrosis, Tom Wynn, NIAID
  • Granzyme B in Aging and Impaired Collagen Remodeling, David Granville, University of British Columbia
  • Interconnected stress responses in aging and fibrosis of the lung, Ana Mora, University of Pittsburgh
  • Inflammatory cells in the response to sterile damage: new roles for unexpected players, Fabio Rossi, University of British Columbia
  • The role of inflammation in development of age-related liver fibrosis, Tatiana Kisseleva, University of California San Diego
  • Therapeutic targeting of age-associated pathological mechanisms in fibrotic lung disease, Louise Hecker, University of Arizona

Thursday, October 5

9:00 - 11:00am
Poster Flash Talks: Highlighted Poster Session Presentations
Chosen from submitted abstracts.

11:00am - 1:00om
MTTG (Members in Transition & Training) Session and Lunch: High Throughput Technologies – Perspectives and Insights
Pre-registration is required.
Returning by popular demand, MTTG will be organizing a session to aid professional development of SLB trainees. Organized by trainees, for trainees, be sure to join MTTG's second annual event!  This year's topics will include Somalogic - Somamer Based Technology presented by Dan Drolet, Somalogic and Beyond the Phenotype and Genotype: Defining Functional Immunology with Ex Vivo assays and High Resolution, high speed,  Imaging Flow Cytometry presented by Ben Alderete, MilliporeSigma.


Friday, October 6

7:00 - 9:00am
Professional Development Workshop Breakfast
Pre-registration is required.

Career Counseling, Guidance and Preparation for a Job Interview:
A Workshop for Graduate Students, Postdocs and Junior Faculty 

Presented and directed by John P. Lombardo, PhD, LPC, LifeWork Choices Career Counseling and Planning, Fox Point, WI.
Organized by Julian G. Cambronero, PhD, Wright State University, and the SLB Professional Development Committee

lombardo.jpgDr. Lombardo plans to cover the 2-hour period by presenting two 55-minute workshops (detailed below), with a 10-minute break in between.  He has videos, audio clips, and several exercises for participants to practice in groups or twos or threes, and opportunities for open-ended questions and concerns from the whole group.  Essential information and practice on their most practical concerns will be presented using the formats he has uniquely developed. Senior scientists from the SLB Membership are very much welcome to attend and to add their comments and experiences.  Round will be opening up discussions and participation. Dr. Lombardo will also have detailed handouts to go along with the seminars, and additional resources for participants to explore on their own in the future.
Segment 1: Developing Your Core Message Statement/”Elevator Speech”
You can talk about yourself as a professional scientist with confidence, clarity, and comfort as you advance your career. Your core message statement is a brief spoken statement (30-second mini-abstract) about you that lets people know who you are as a professional, what you do well, and what you expect to contribute. It is a well-prepared answer to the question, “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” A positive core message statement helps open doors for connection, collaboration, and employment. This seminar will provide guidance in a safe place to develop and practice your statement.
Segment 2: Job Interview Preparation:  How to Interview Your Next Boss”
On a job interview, you are interviewing your next boss as surely as she or he is interviewing you. As a job-seeker it’s easy to forget that you are making as big a decision as is your next employer. “Please like me” mode is weak and unattractive. “Here’s how I can help you and the organization be successful” mode is powerful and attractive. Learn how to prepare for that interview, and to be ready for the toughest questions.

6:30 - 10:00pm
50th Anniversary Cruise 
Pacific Yacht is a luxury, full service venue with thoughtfully crafted Pacific Northwest cuisine set against breathtaking views of Vancouver. You will experience the elegance of a private yacht and enjoy fresh locally sourced West Coast cuisine and unparalleled service – all while you s ail through Vancouver’s pristine waterways. Join SLB colleagues and friends for this unique and fun filled evening celebration! Attendance requires advance purchase of a banquet ticket. Tickets are $75 and available during meeting registration.

Saturday, October 7

7:00 - 9:00am
Women and Diversity Special Session Breakfast
Pre-registration is required.

liz-kovacs.gifKeynote Speaker: Elizabeth J. Kovacs, University of Colorado Denver

Managing Up, Down and Across: Effective Strategies for Obtaining the Resources You Need
In training to be scientists, we do not receive formal training on how to manage people, but it is a skill that is central to our success. For example, at different stages of your training/career you must effectively manage and negotiate with your peers, advisors, mentors, and division and/or departmental chair leaders. Women in particular are very good at advocating for others, but often fall short of obtaining the resources they need and at a level commensurate with their male colleagues. This session will discuss strategies for controlling emotions, handling crucial conversations and effective self-advocacy.