Women and Diversity Committee


Amanda Brown


Amanda M. Brown

Committee Members:
Ilhem Messaoudi, Council Liaison 2017

Cherie Butts
Deborah Fraser
Pranoti Mandrekar
Laura Sly
Jessica Snowden
Jamie Sturgill
Kristin Tarbell
Vijaya L. Iragavarapu-Charyulu
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View the resources this committee has compiled and check back for new additions! From a list of available female speakers in various topical specialties, to profiles of the committee members and some very strong professionals is our field, take advanatge of these resources.►


About the Women and Diversity Committee


The Women and Diversity Committee is composed of a chair as appointed by the President plus 5 to 6 members, each serving a term of three years and is eligible for re-appointment. A council member, as appointed by the President, will serve as a liaison between the committee and the council. The council may suggest, and the President appoint, a new chair from the pool of current committee members.


The group has the authority to plan activities and propose programs that aid the membership with special emphasis on female and minority members. Proposals are to be provided to Council for approval.

Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Actively assist and promote professionally qualified individuals who encounter barriers to advancement due to gender, nationality or ethnic background by facilitating networking, enhancing visibility and sharing information and access to resources.

2. Plan an event for the annual meeting which focuses on this membership to aid in their career advancement and knowledge base.