Website Committee

Darren Lee

Darren Lee

Committee Members:

Silvia Uriarte, Council Liaison
Daniel Irimia
Tony Isidro
Courtney Armstrong
Stephania Libreros

Ramon Garcia
Thomas Rogers
Michelle Visser

About the Website Committee


The Website Committee is composed of a chair as appointed by the President for a 3 year term. 4 more members from the general membership, each serving a term of three years will be appointed by the President. A Council member will be appointed to serve as a liaison between the committee and the council.


The primary purposes of this body are to modify and maintain the SLB website as a viable organ, responsive to the needs of the membership, with oversight from the Council. The Committee works closely with the SLB Executive Director to meet these goals, to maintain and update the Website. The Council Liaison is expected to attend in person or by conference call the Council meetings to report on issues related to the Website. 

Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Review website content and suggest regular updates

2.  Investigate new technology as related to website design and function for continuing website functionality improvements

3.  Investigate social media and other technologies to improve the general marketing of the society in serving the membership.

4.  Work with the Membership Committee in maintaining any online presence the society has outside of the main society website.