Bonazinga Award

Sponsored by Accurate Chemical and Scientific Corporation Bonazinga award, named after Marie T. Bonazinga and whose profile is etched into the award, is presented annually to a society of Leukocyte Biology member for excellence in leukocyte biology research. It is the highest honor the society can bestow upon one of its members and has been awarded annually since 1980. The council is provided with biographies of the nominees and votes annually to select individuals for the award. Council is asked to consider the nominee's impact and contribution to the field of leukocyte biology in the research and publications. The award winner must be a highly respected member in the field, and will be invited to give the keynote lecture at the annual meeting, as well as to contribute to the newsletter. The award winner will be recognized in the form of complimentary meeting registration, as well as a $3,000 stipend provided by Accurate Chemical and Scientific Corporation. Beginning in 2018, the society, SLB, will be sponsoring this award.

The 2017 Bonazinga lecturer will be Marco A. Cassatella. Read his bio and join us in Vancouver, October 5-7, 2017 to hear him speak!

Just Announced, the 2018 Bonazinga Award will be Mary Dinauer. Check back for her bio and more details about her 2018 keynote sponsored by SLB.


 Previous Bonazinga Awards Winners
Gustavo Cudkowicz (1980) Zanvil A. Cohn (1991) John Gallin (2002) Phil Murphy (2013)
John B. Hibbs (1981) Monte S. Meltzer (1992) Siamon Gordon (2003) Ira Tabas (2014)
Isaiah Fidler (1982) Ralph Snyderman (1993) Stefanie N, Vogel (2004) Gail Bishop (2015)
Peter M. Henson (1983) Barry R. Bloom (1994) F. Allan Sher (2005) William Nauseef (2016)
Samual C. Silverstein (1984) Timothy A. Springer (1995) Robert Coffman (2006) Marco A. Cassatella (2017)
Seymour J. Klebanoff (1985) Ralph M. Steinman (1996) Sharon Wahl (2007) Mary Dinauer (2018)
Emil Unanue (1986) Carl F. Nathan (1997) Klaus Ley (2008)  
Joost J. Oppenheim (1987) Robert D. Schreiber (1998) Peter Ward (2009)  
Marco Baggiolini (1988) Margaret L. Kripke (1999)  Charles N. Serhan (2010)  
E. Richard Stanley (1989) Alberto Mantovani (2000) David Hume (2011)  
Robert J. North (1990) G. Jeanette Thorbecke (2001) Charles Dinarello (2012)